National Harbor, MD - 10/15/2016

2016 Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope

Our miracle family!
Our miracle family!

Baby Love

Welcome to our McGarity Family "Team Baby Love" fundraising page!

While we've run in many races benfiting many different causes, this is our first walk, and the first event where we are partcipating BECAUSE of the cause! During our journey of infertility we found Resolve to be a great resource. Sara participated in the support groups made possible through Resolve and the Resolve website was and continues be a great place to get answers and learn you're not alone.

We are so blessed with our son Forrest whose persence in our lives today was made possible through IVF. However, while life marches forward and new memories replace old, we still remember the uniquely isolating and recurrent pain of infertility. We are walking to celebrate our resolve that helped bring Forrest into the world. And we are walking because our struggle is one that all too many couples face. Resolve is THE national organization providing support for infertility and organizing to advocate for better medical coverage for infertility treatments and we want Resolve to flourish!

Please consider donating to show your support for the many couples struggling with infertility. You can donate to any member of our family or to the team. We also welcome you to join us on Saturday in person or in your thoughts and prayers. Lastly, Resolve is a great resource, so please spread the word about Resolve especially if you know someone dealing with infertility.

Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


Sara, Mike and Forrest

How: Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support RESOLVE's 2016 Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope. Click the green Donate Now button to contribute to the team, or click on one of our names on the right to donate to an individual.

Why: Your donation will help RESOLVE build a stronger community for people facing infertility. By building a stronger community, together we’ll break through the barriers that prevent millions from building a family. You will help support their programs that increase access to medical care and family building options for all who need them.

What: RESOLVE Walk of Hope events are a morning event where local businesses support the infertility community, share health and wellness tips, and where we walk together, 1-mile to show support for people with infertility. One Morning. One Mile. One Community.

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