What will RESOLVE do with DIY Walk of Hope fundraising dollars?

2015 fundraising dollars were used to:


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Donation dollars help cover: 

  • $25 covers daily cost of monitoring state legislation to ensure no bills are passed that threatens family building options such as IVF, adoption and surrogacy. (total cost of $175 per week; $750 per month.)
  • $60 supports one day of RESOLVE’s HelpLine program—a free service to those in need of one-on-one support. ($420 per week; $1,680 per month, $21,900 per year)
  • $125 underwrites the cost for RESOLVE to recruit and train one media volunteer to present positive images and accurate information to the media regarding infertility and adoption issues.
  • $150 covers the online costs to instantly mobilize volunteer grassroots support when legislation threatens family building options.
  • $250 covers the daily cost of keeping the RESOLVE website fresh with education and support resources on family building options.  (A total cost of $1,750 per week.)
  • $425 underwrites the cost of arming a RESOLVE volunteer advocate to fight for financial relief through changes in public policy.
  • $500 underwrites recruiting and training a volunteer to offer one new RESOLVE support group in a community with no local RESOLVE services.