National Harbor, MD - 10/15/2016

Why I Walk

Ashley's Story:

Ashley Picture
Ashley Case
2016 Washington, D,C. Walk of Hope Co-Chair 

I walk in the Walk of Hope to raise awareness!! Infertility is one of the last great cultural taboos. I want people to know that they aren't alone on their journey. This will be the 5th year for the Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope and my 4th year participating in it. I am honored to be the 2016 Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope Co-Chair.

I wanted to break the taboo that surrounds infertility. We NEED to talk about infertility. We need to be open, honest, share, educate and do it often. You are NOT ALONE. When I found the RESOLVE website; I knew I found my voice. I was able to share my story and educate others through the inspirational stories I found on Infertility is emotionally, mentally, physically and financially draining. RESOLVE has many resources to help guide you on your journey.

Walking the past 4 years in the Walk of Hope has helped me educate my family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers. I broke the silence about my infertility and found a whole network of people that UNDERSTOOD what I was going through. Trying to have a family has been the hardest challenge for me. I discovered strength that I never knew I had; I discovered an infertility family that was rooting for my husband and me. 

I walk because I am 1 in 8. I walk because it is not just me on this journey, but also my husband. We will walk the mile, one step at a time, hand in hand. We hope that YOU that you will also want to break the infertility taboo and walk with us. Come join us on October 15th 2016 for the 5th Annual Washington, D.C. Walk of HOPE; because no one with infertility should walk alone. 

Kathy's Story

Kathy Carnevale Photo
Kathy Carnevale
2016 Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope Chair

Participating in the Walk of Hope and volunteering for RESOLVE has allowed me to have the smallest bit of control over a disease that I have no control over. It has helped me spread awareness about the disease of infertility and most importantly helped other people who are living with infertility really understand that they do not walk alone.

Infertility has been one of the most challenging things I have faced in my life. But through events like the Walk of Hope, I realize that there is such a strong community that walks this journey with me. I am lucky to be surrounded by some of the best people in my life as a result of being active in the infertility community. Working together with this community has allowed me to make positive change for those couples who might not even know yet that they will face infertility.

I also understand that there are people who choose to be private about their family building journey. I walk for them. I walk so that even in their private journey they know that there are resources out there; there are people out there who understand.

I hope that you will all come and join us. Help us break the silence surrounding this disease. Come join us on October 15, 2016 for the 5th Annual Washington, D.C. Walk of Hope. No one with infertility should walk alone!

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