National Harbor, MD - 10/15/2016


2012 Walk of Hope Team Captain Guide
Walk of Hope Individual Participant Guide

Thank you for creating a Personal Fundraising Page and supporting the Walk of Hope. Come to this page often as we will be posting creative ways to raise money frequently. You can also access the Team Captain Guide and Individual Fundraising Guide by clicking on the images to the right. We hope you find these tools useful and if you have any creative ideas let us know! Good luck!

Below are some tools to help you form the best team ever!

Raise $1,000 in 10 Days: Will you take the Walk of Hope Challenge?

Day 1:   Show your commitment by donating $50 to yourself. $ 50
Day 2 Ask 4 family members to donate $50 each.  $250
Day 3 Ask 10 friends to donate $20 each.  $450
Day 4 Ask 5 co-workers to donate $20 each. $550
Day 5 Ask 5 neighbors to donate $20 each. $650
Day 6 Ask 10 people from your gym, place of worship or club to donate $10 each. $750
Day 7 Ask your boss for a company donation of $100. $850
Day 8 Ask 5 businesses you frequent for a donation of $25 (Think drycleaners, florist, pet store, etc).  $975
Day 9 Ask anyone who has asked you to support them in an event for a donation of $25.  $1000
Day 10 Celebrate your success! YOU’VE just raised $1,000 & are a Walk of Hope Grand Champion! Be sure to send a Thank You to those who supported you!  


 Click here to download your Individual Participant Guide or Team Captain Guide for more tips and tools.