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Why Should I Go?

Participating in RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day ensures that the voice of the infertility community is heard and that your elected officials understand the needs of those trying to build a family. 


You should attend RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day if…Advocacy Day 2009

  • You want to educate your elected officials about the disease of infertility.
  • You are dealing with infertility and want to feel a sense of control.  
  • You are a healthcare or business professional and serve people with infertility.
  • You have a loved one touched by infertility and want to show your support.  
  • You want more public understanding about the disease of infertility.

What you’ll accomplish…

  • You get to fight for yourself (and others) and it feels GOOD!
  • You get to stand up to infertility!
  • You will create relationships with key lawmakers and their staff that will impact future discussions regarding2011 Advocacy Day Photo infertility and healthcare.  
  • You will feel empowered that you are making a difference for yourself, your family, and those diagnosed in years to come.  
  • The people you meet with will understand that people with infertility matter.
  • You will meet other people who have been diagnosed with infertility. 

Do you have more questions? Read the Advocacy Day FAQs.


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