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Why should family building and infertility professionals attend RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day? 

Michael Mawby PhotoThere are more than 15,000 registered lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Every day these professionals ply their craft with Congress – writing policy papers, presenting testimony, attending hearings and meetings, building coalitions, educating members and staff and generally seeking to be heard any way possible above the cacophony of voices.


But none of these Washington, D.C. professionals -- not one -- has the ability that you have to make an important connection on behalf of people with infertility. Why is that?


First, you are a constituent. You vote (at least I hope you do). And even more, you have the ability to persuade other people (voters!) in your local community to care about the infertility issues you care about and to educate your Congressperson about infertility and its impact on thousands in your state.


And second, you’re an expert! I guarantee you that you will know more about infertility than anyone you meet in Washington. And you will have the personal story to share that can move mountains. Your story – and the stories of the patients you represent-- can move your representative to act.In fact, in a town with literally hundreds or thousands of issues facing policymakers, and thousands of people working every day to bring them to light, your heartfelt story – told as a constituent - is one of the most likely things to move them to act.


If we want to bring issues of infertility to light, if we want to make it easier for everyday Americans to build the families they deserve, we can only do so by the leadership of people who have lived the story and care for the infertility community. This is why you should plan to attend the RESOLVE Advocacy Day on May 18, 2017.

- Michael Mawby

Michael Mawby is the Vice President for Government Affairs for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a long-time supporter of RESOLVE. He is new to the infertility community, but has toiled in the Washington DC vineyards for the past twenty years as an advocate for people with diabetes, having led efforts to expand Medicare coverage for people with diabetes, helped Congress start the Special Diabetes Fund which now provides $300 million a year for type 1 research and native American programs and led state based campaigns that resulted in 43 states passing diabetes insurance “mandates”. He has seen firsthand the power of patient and professional advocacy.

From RESOLVE: By sharing this author’s ideas, RESOLVE does not endorse any company, product or website affiliated with the author.


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