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Meet Me at Advocacy Day!

Join us at Advocacy Day where you will meet and spend time with the following wonderful people and many others who are empowered to speak out about issues pertaining to the infertility community.

Lee Collins Headshot

Lee Rubin Collins, JD - Advocacy Day Chair

It's right there in the First Amendment, where it guarantees "the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." By coming to Advocacy Day, we are assembling and petitioning, just as the Constitution directs us.  


At my first Advocacy Day, as I walked through the Congressional buildings I kept noticing other folks with name tags and flyers who were representing their causes, everything from Parkinson's disease to forestry to solar power.  I realized they were meeting with lawmakers for their issues, and it hit me profoundly that lawmakers will know about infertility only if we are there to tell them our stories. It's up to us to come to Washington, to "petition the Government," and to urge better policies for people with infertility. 


So, please meet me at Advocacy Day because WE are the ones to speak out about infertility. It is completely up to us.


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Watch Lee Rubin Collins's Meet Me video here.

 Candace Trinchieri Headshot

Candace Trinchieri, Advocacy Day Vice Chair - Policy & Training


I am Candace Trinchieri and after 4 1/2 years, 9 IVFs, 2 surgeries, 3 miscarriages and 1 egg donor I am the proud mother of a beautiful 1 year old through adoption. I continue to come to Advocacy Day because I am more determined than ever that all I went through to create my family would not be in vain. If you suffer from infertility we all share different versions of the same story.  We all have the passion and desire to stop at nothing to create our families. Advocacy Day gives you that rare chance to take total control of your situation. Not only will your voice be heard, the very people who make the laws for our country are forced to listen and hear our stories. That is the impact that creates CHANGE.  We have a powerful voice and it is our time to use it!


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 Candace Wohl 2015 Headshot

Candace Wohl, Advocacy Day Vice Chair - Marketing & Recruitment


Although most Wednesdays feel like every other Wednesday, May 11th will be totally different. That is when we will be in Washington D.C. for RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day!  It is also when we will be meeting with congressional members to discuss changes vital to enabling the 1 in 8 couples across the country the opportunity to have a family. I have been through nearly every facet of family building possible and experienced first-hand how incredibly difficult and daunting it is to have a child when you are faced with the disease of infertility. This will be my third trip to Capitol Hill to talk with Congress. After my involvement with Advocacy Day last year, I was inspired. I was also revitalized with encouragement and hope that we do have a voice and can turn our emotional bruises into change. Meet me at Advocacy Day on May 11th in Washington D.C. and take back control of the disease of infertility.


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