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Letters to Congress

RESOLVE Advocates -- let's keep getting co-sponsors!!


If your Senators or Representative have not yet signed on to co-sponsor all of the infertility bills we care about, now is a great time to send them emails to encourage them!  Feel free to send notes to the staffers you met on Advocacy Day, too.


Here is a template you can send with your emails. Just send the letter with an email that has your contact information in it (address, phone number). Another option, if requested, send your letters to the advocate attending Advocacy Day because volunteers and staff will be collecting sorted letters at the Morning training on Wednesday, May 11th. It is required that all letters be sorted. Please follow these sorting directions. The sorted  letters will be hand delivered to the offices of Members of Congress on Advocacy Day.


Find your Representative in the House at and find your Senators at


Thanks so much -- and please keep us posted on the Advocacy Day Attendees Facebook page when you get a new co-sponsor!!

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