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Call Congress

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Important votes are coming up — we need everyone to call their two US Senators today! 


Senators heard from 200+ advocates at RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day on Wednesday, May 11th.  But when we left the Hill, we didn't stop caring.  Our lawmakers need to hear we are still advocating for our bills and making sure we have their support.  


3 Easy-to-follow Steps for Calling Your Senators


1. Find your Senators and their phone number.


2. Call the office number for your Senators, and introduce yourself as a constituent.  You will want to give your Name and Address so they know where you live and confirm that you are a constituent. If you get a voicemail, leave all that information as well.


Here is a sample script for you to use:


Hi, I’m (NAME) , calling from (City/State). I am calling to ask for your help in making sure Senator X supports important legislation that will help his/her constituents who are trying to have children and build families.

Most critically, we expect a vote very soon on The Veterans IVF Amendment to the Senate Appropriations Mil-Con Bill. We urge the Senator to vote for the Amendment.

I also would like you to ask the Senator to co-sponsor S469 to support Veterans who want to build a family and S950, which is the Adoption Tax Credit Refundability Act. Thank you for taking my call and for passing on my message to Senator (Name). 


3. Share this page on your favorite social media platform and ask others to make calls too!

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