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Advice from Advocates 

Whitney at 2013 Advocacy Day

For so many, infertility is more than a physical issue, it’s also a financial issue. Part of the reason RESOLVE invites advocates to come to Washington, D.C. is to help breakdown financial barriers impacting millions of Americans from building the family of their dreams.”   Read Whitney’s tips for managing the cost of traveling to Advocacy Day.


Michael Mawby PhotoThere are more than 15,000 registered lobbyists in Washington, D.C. Every day these professionals ply their craft with Congress…But none of these Washington, D.C.  professionals -- not one --  has the ability that you have to make an important connection on behalf of people with infertility.  Why is that?”  Read Mike’s advice for family building professionals.



Lee Collins Headshot x100Being awesome when meeting with lawmakers isn't about memorizing bill numbers or giving a slick presentation.  Rather, it is all about inspiring the lawmaker to want to help!Read more of Lee’s awesome advice and find out how you can be awesome when meeting with your lawmakers on Advocacy Day. 


Jason Griffith Small pixLet your doctor know that the legislators take extra pause when a physician takes time away from practice to personally visit their D.C. office.Hope Award for Advocacy Recipient, Dr. Jason Griffith, gives his best advice for inviting your physician to Advocacy Day.

Elizabeth Walker and her Mom at Advocacy Day“It’s not that my family hasn’t been supportive of me during my journey, they absolutely have. It’s just that it’s often hard for them to know HOW to help. My mother wanted to know what she could do for me but it was difficult to give her suggestions when I wasn’t always sure myself. So, I was grateful when I discovered…”  Read the whole story about how Advocacy Day helped Elizabeth and her mother cope with her infertility.


Risa A. Levine"To be an effective advocate, a rudimentary understanding of our Constitutional structure and role of the different government bodies is mandatory. This year we will ask Members of Congress on both sides to co-sponsor our bills and we will ask the Senate offices to vote for an amendment."  Read "The difference between a House and Senate Bill: How Legislation Becomes Law."



So you’ve registered for Advocacy Day or you’re considering attending. Don’t know what to expect? We’ve got your back! Here is some advice from experienced advocates. Read "Been there, done that! Advocacy Day Tips from the Experienced Advocate."  



Jay palumbo

"Advocacy Day is fast approaching and because I care passionately about the amazingly dedicated advocates traveling from all over the country to be a part of this incredible day, I want to make sure you are armed with the essential amenities."  Read Jay's advice in "The Advocates Survival Kit for Advocacy Day."



Casey Berna Professional Photo.jpg"So you are heading to Advocacy Day, and there are lots of emotions swirling around in your stomach, especially for first timers! What is it going to be like? What will I say to representatives and their aides? How will they respond?" "The Do's and Dont's of handling Hesitant Reps" by Casey Berna.

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