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Are you a nurse practicing in a fertility clinic or Ob/Gyn office in the U.S.? 

Are you a patient who has had a great experience with a nurse at your fertility clinic or Ob/Gyn practice?

If so, you need to know about RESOLVE’s Nurse Liaison Program.

RESOLVE’s Nurse Liaison Program allows REI and Ob/Gyn Nurses to serve as the point-person in their practice for collecting and disseminating patient information such as local educational events, online services, support groups, patient education materials and resources, and other services or information that patients need.  

Become a RESOLVE Nurse Liaison and:

  • receive special eCommunications from RESOLVE
  • have your name and practice listed on resolve.org
  • receive a complimentary RESOLVE professional membership ($150 value)
  • become a trusted part of the RESOLVE professional community
  • advise RESOLVE on special projects

If you are a Nurse and are interested, please complete the online form (linked below) and we will follow-up with you.  If you know a nurse who would make a great RESOLVE Nurse Liaison, fill out the same form and we will contact the nurse directly and follow-up. 

Register here.
RESOLVE’s Nurse Liaison Program is supported by Ferring Pharmaceuticals.