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Be part of the Night of Hope! Your vote will help determine this year’s Hope Award for Best Blog. The Best Blog award is given to a blog written by someone who is living with infertility and whose blog posts raise awareness about what life is like when you’re faced with infertility.

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Take a look at the nominees for Best Blog. These bloggers participated in the “You Are Not Alone” Bloggers Unite Project and submitted their blogs for nomination. More than 190 blogs were submitted, then narrowed down by RESOLVE staff and volunteers.

It’s your turn to vote for your favorite. Discover the 2015 Hope Award for Best Blog nominees and vote for your favorite blog.

The winner will be announced in September and will be invited to accept her award November 17 at the 18th annual Night of Hope! 

And the Best Blog nominees are:

A Hummingbird Paused

Excerpt from You Are Not Alone:

The BEST way to get support, is to give support. You have to reach out to others, share your story, and interact with the community in order to get support back. It's no different than real life. Like most friendships, it's not a one-way street. You have to open both lines of communication. And once you do, you'll be amazed by the support you'll receive from this community. We have to stick together if we are to combat the shame and stigma that surround infertility. We have to support one another and lift each other up, to raise our voices and unite. Because no one with infertility should walk alone.  Read more.


Don't Count Your Eggs

Excerpt from You Are Not Alone #NIAW:

I started writing this blog as a way to process our efforts and share our experience, and what I found was an entire community of people-- warriors who were going through the same struggle, and I realized that we really weren't alone. I started learning more and more about infertility and assisted reproduction and found stats that made me understand how prevalent infertility really is. Read more.


Little Wood Project

Excerpt from You Are Not Alone:

I never imagined that infertility would be a part of my life.

You typically imagine your life after high school and college to go a little something like this. Find a job, meet your future husband, get married, buy a house, have kids, enjoy life, and have the cycle repeat.

I didn't think that it would be so hard to not have kids yet in this time of our lives. I remember at the beginning of our marriage, we were conscious that we didn't want to start a family right away. Having spent most of our dating relationship long-distance, we wanted to be able to be together and it be just us for a while.

Once we decided that we were ready and would start trying, we had no idea what lay ahead of us.
Read more. 


The Delinquent Stork

Excerpt from You Are Not Alone:

I've been thinking about this theme a lot this week, and how important this simple phrase really is.

Infertility can be incredibly isolating.  Life becomes a series of doctor's visits, and tests, and disappointment.  It's hard not to let your mind become a bit obsessed when so much of your month revolves around treatment; not to mention the effort of dealing with the grief and anxiety that are infertility's best friends.  The isolation, however, also stems from not being able to talk openly about what has effectively become the biggest "thing" in my life right now.  There are exceptions of course (I have a select few amazing friends and my mom has been like a therapist), but the general population is not expecting, "I'm doing shitty; I lost a pregnancy a couple months ago" as an answer to, "how are you?"  Trust me, I've actually tried this and it doesn't always go over so well.
Read more


TTC a Taxson Baby

Excerpt from You Are Not Alone...and Neither am I!

For 9 years we were suffering with infertility silently.  We didn't talk about it with anyone! No one! Not our friends, not our family and a lot of the times, not even with each other.  It was like if we didn't talk about it and acknowledge it then it wasn't real.  Maybe next month it would happen...but 'next month' never happened. Then we started going to an infertility doctor and we were still silent.  I didn't even look at anyone in the eye in the waiting room...even though they were there for the exact same reason. I was ashamed, and still felt alone.  Read more.

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