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The Advocates Survival Kit for Advocacy DayJay palumbo

Advocacy Day is fast approaching and because I care passionately about the amazingly dedicated advocates traveling from all over the country to be a part of this incredible day, I want to make sure you are armed with the essential amenities. Whether it’s your favorite purse, your designated advocating fanny pack or a stylish knapsack, here are a few key items I suggest you have locked and ready in fashionable carrier of choice:

Wireless charger for your phone: Whether you want to take pictures, post updates on social media or text your friend about the senator you just convinced to cover the adoption credit, having a charger to keep your phone juiced up is key.

Pen/Pencil (or any writing implement of some sort): You will no doubt want to take notes to prepare for meetings or write down other advocates phone numbers/email addresses to stay in touch!

Pedometer (or at least one downloaded onto your phone): With this much walking, how can you not want to see how many steps you’ve taken? It’s just too darn impressive.

Antibacterial wipes/liquid: You’ll be shaking a lot of hands and walking around to many different places. I want to keep the advocates healthy long after they return home!

Moleskin or Band-Aids: Even though you should be already wearing hip yet comfortable, well-padded shoes - having a sheet of moleskin or Band-Aids (feel free to get colorful ones!) should a blister arise isn’t a bad idea.

Umbrella/Sunscreen (as the case may be): Check the weather for that day (fingers crossed for sun!) and be prepared.

Gum/Water/Snacks: To keep yourself hydrated, minty fresh and well fed between breakfast and lunch.

Advil or Tylenol: Hopefully, you won’t need either but should any part of you ache from all of the advocating, it’s not a bad idea to have over-the-counter pain management good to go.

Sense of humor and determination: Really though. Two essential things to have you with both on advocacy day and in life!


- Jay Palumbo

Jennifer “Jay” Palumbo is a Writer, Public Speaker, Infertility & Women's Rights Advocate and Author of the blog, ‘The 2 Week Wait,’ and a Proud IVF Mom. You can follow her on Twitter at either @jennpal (which is non-uterus related) or @the2weekwait (which features fertility-related fun).


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