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Been there, done that!
Advocacy Day Tips from the Experienced Advocate

So you’ve registered for Advocacy Day or you’re considering attending. Don’t know what to expect? We’ve got your back! Here is some advice from experienced Advocates.

RESOLVE hosts the only Advocacy Day for the patient in the infertility community. Advocates leave this event empowered to continue advocating for access to all family building options.

“On the very personal side, I'd say be prepared to surprise yourself by who you'll be at Advocacy Day. You'll be asking our government to be *fair* to those of us with a disease we never wanted to have. It won't actually be hard (you'll be well trained), but the power of our community may blow you away!” - Lee

“I wish I had thought of that” tips:


There are small things you may take for granted while preparing for Advocacy Day. Here are some essential tips for a day on Capitol Hill: (Hint, it involves comfortable shoes)

“Grab one of those spare batteries to charge your cell phone off of when it starts running low. I'd also look up some Uber or Lyft coupon codes ahead of time just in case.”  -Jen

“I cannot stress hydration and comfy shoes enough! That way you'll be feeling refreshed and not distracted while you make a real and genuine impact on our country!” - Renée

“Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Bring a cell phone charger! Try to attend as many of the training/receptions put on by RESOLVE as possible. The more you know about what will happen the more comfortable you will feel”.  – Kathy

“I would stress wearing comfortable shoes! I wore heels the first time and it was just awful halfway through the day, bring a water bottle, and umbrella as it can spontaneously rain.” – Marissa

The good news is that RESOLVE hosts a refreshment break usually from 3:00-5:30 PM on Advocacy Day. The location will be on Capitol Hill so to not take you far from your appointments. You can get off your feet, grab a snack and beverage, and share the excitement of your day with fellow advocates.  

Travel and hotel tips:


Consider staying at the RESOLVE hotel room block during Advocacy Day. It is usually in the same location as the morning training or very close. Email Simmy Bookal at for hotel block information.

 “I have stayed in a hotel with other advocates for the last 3 years. Last year was the first that we stayed in the room block RESOLVE provided and it made it easy and nice to see other advocates there to make plans etc. Metro is great in DC. Plan to be up early and ready on advocacy day, running late will add unneeded stress. Overall it’s a GREAT couple of days and you will leave feeling empowered and inspired! “- Lindsey

“The first year - I stayed in the RESOLVE hotel room block. The second year - I stayed in an Airbnb and used the Metro. But then, at the last minute, I acquired a local advocate roommate and we ended up driving in together for the Advocacy Day Morning Training. The D.C. rush hour traffic is NO JOKE! We also realized that there was more than one parking lot associated with the company, after parking and having to hike it much further than expected. What I learned from this is-- stay in the RESOLVE hotel room block if possible, especially if you are traveling across 3 time zones (BRUTAL morning). Go to bed early if you possibly can because all the Washington State advocates felt like zombies by the afternoon...If possible, stick with the Metro vs. driving because it's faster (and cheaper than parking).”  - Annie

If you decide not to stay where RESOLVE has the hotel room block consider the following tip…

“Stay near the metro line and book early! It’s worth a little bit extra :) The first year we stayed near DuPont circle, which is a very cute and walkable neighborhood with lots of little eateries and shops. The second time we stayed near the zoo and since the zoo is free and in a nice little park it was a lot of fun.”  - Marissa

Stay in touch with your Members of Congress:


RESOLVE and our volunteers help you prepare for your appointments before Advocacy Day but it is essential to stay in touch with your Members of Congress after Advocacy Day as well.  Hold your Members of Congress accountable by reminding them of our key issues. The infertility community matters and we will not go away!

“I might rehearse your infertility story, as we were asked to tell our story in each of our meetings and we needed an abridged version (it's a long story :))! SAVE YOUR FOLDER! It’s also not a bad idea to follow up with your Reps. at their local offices when you return. Ours have offices in our town. We used that folder so many times when talking with local officials about advocacy. It was very helpful! Our RE office has a Facebook page and they helped us collect our letters that way, which was very helpful, too!”- Marissa

“Always ask the staffer or member you meet with for their business card. After each meeting jot down a few quick notes on the back of it of key points, you remember from the meeting. It can be anything from something personal they mentioned or an important follow-up request. That way, when you return home and start your post-Advocacy Day follow up all of your notes and contacts are organized for you!”
 - Candace

We look forward to seeing you this Advocacy Day!

- Simmy Bookal, RESOLVE Manager, Communications and Programs

Questions? Email Simmy Bookal at

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